zondag, mei 15, 2005

Party like it's...1980

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"Beyond the retaining wall the great city spreads, ringed by mountains, heat struck, steeped in calamity. The smoke of small fires hangs on the hills, motionless, fixed there. The breatless rim, cinders falling from the sky. Paralysis. Nothing will disperse but powers of sound, rising from the traffic arcs, the jittery cars locked in concrete. Bombings will become commonplace, car bombings, firebombings of offices and department stores. A blind might will seem to shake things, to course headlong through that entire year. No one claims credit for the worst of terror."

Don DeLillo - The Names

(zo zou een ontleding van Simple Minds 1979-1984 kunnen beginnen. Maar iets houdt me tegen, de tekst die ze presenteren is al een perfecte mix van heldere betekenissen en pan-Europese glamour/futurisme/melancholie/mysterie. Gewoon blind aanschaffen.)